THEN AND NOW: The cast of the 'Harry Potter' films 20 years later

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Background Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada Indigenous women and girls are far more likely than other Canadian women and girls to experience violence and to die as a result. Between andthe rate of homicide overall for Aboriginal women was 5. While the Canadian government has issued statements and undertaken studies indicating that it appreciates the gravity of the situation, it has stopped short of establishing a public national inquiry into the murders and disappearances of indigenous girls and women or developing a national action plan to address the issue. In30 percent of Aboriginal women were considered low income, compared with 16 percent of non-Aboriginal women. The residential school system existed from the late s to the s in Canada, although some cite that residential schools existed in Canada as early as the s. Inresidential school attendance became compulsory, and the RCMP played a role in ensuring that indigenous children attended. Beverly Jacobs and Andrea J. Williams write in their article on the links between residential schools and missing and murdered indigenous women and girls: Residential school attendance, particularly when accompanied by physical and sexual abuse, has been linked to problems of alcoholism, drug abuse, powerlessness, dependency, low self-esteem, suicide, prostitution, gambling, homelessness, sexual abuse, violence, and, as this paper argues, missing and murdered women.

Adjust in Regency London, this period comedy from producer Shonda Rhimes glosses above some historical details in favor of indulgence and escapism. The series, the first under the Shondaland banner by Netflix, is based on a chain of romance novels from author Julia Quinn. It follows a young debutante as she enters London's competitive marriage ceremony mart, the emotionally unavailable duke who pretends to sweep her off her feet, and the anonymous high-society big mouth who knows everyone's secrets on The Ton. But while Bridgerton is adjust in , it reckons with advanced ideas. It's feminist, sex-positive, and refreshingly diverse, as the series imagines a transformative version of history in which people of color in England are also bestowed nobility. And true en route for the Shondaland brand, there's plenty of drama, complex female characters, chiseled jawlines, and intimate entanglements to lose by hand in. You might not want en route for watch it with your parents. But Bridgerton sounds like your cup of tea, get to know the cast list and its characters below.

What's you name? Well, you know can you repeat that? I like about you, Shrek? You got that kind of I-don't-care-what-nobody-thinks-of-me affair. I like that. I respect so as to, Shrek. You all right. They appear over a hill overlooking Shrek's abode.

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We encourage you to listen to the podcast as some of the background is better conveyed in audio arrange. This transcript may contain errors, choose refer to the audio in the podcast to ensure accuracy. As a journalist, you spend a lot of time searching for a good account. Deciding which ones to research, which ones to pitch, and which ones to let go. But sometimes a story chooses you. And call me superstitious but I think this account found the exact right person by the exact right time. You attend to of journalists getting anonymous phone calls from whistleblowers, or brown secret envelopes filled with secret documents, but this tip came to me in the most mundane way.

UCCA, This school means a place anywhere we have a lot of amusement, where we learn how to accomplish to visitors, and to be civil and tidy. This school is a place where we are trusted en route for go outside the fence and accept berries and play ball. In afterwards years, both Alfred and Kate, at the same time as well as many other Tsimshian ancestor, became disillusioned with the Methodist Basilica. Not only did the church argue with many traditional Tsimshian cultural ceremonies although the sacrifice of such practices all the rage favour of conversion did not be sell for economic development to the village before protect Tsimshian lands and resources as of expropriation. Ousterhout found out that [the schoolteacher] had given his sister-in-law the place of the Native assistant coach, and that a lady was advent out for the Boys home.

Equally new and veteran actors starred all the rage the Harry Potter series. Warner Bros. Daniel Radcliffe starred as Harry Dabble. Daniel Radcliffe is best known designed for playing Harry Potter, the titular appeal of the series, who learns arrange his 11th birthday that he is a wizard. In between filming the Harry Potter series, Radcliffe appeared all the rage a few movies, including December Boys Radcliffe has acted across a number of genres since the last Harry Dabble film.